OneCNC XR9 Release 74.08

OneCNC XR9 Release 74.08 was released today.

This update contains an updated XR9 Help file and also includes the following changes:

Adjustments have been made to improve:
Printing in inch units
Copy / Paste from XR8 to XR9
Dimensions dialog display
Extracted edges
Revolved Solids

File Import
Importing dxf adusted to handle files with differing geometry and dimension scale
Improved handling of dxf radius and diameter dimensions
Improved scaling of .stp import into inch units

HS Pocketing
Improved accuracy of job sheet machining time calculation

3D Model Toolpaths
Planar Finish Face adjusted to reduce excess lifts on some surface edges
Improved accuracy of Z Level Finish ramp boundary entry

Adjusted posting of C Axis Face toolpaths when combined with Y axis operations

Improved handling of mismatched upper and lower profiles for 4 axis wirecut

Language Update
Korean translation is updated in this release

OneCNC XR9 Release 74.09 is now available in the OneCNC update server